About works

I’m gonna introuce my portrait design on this page.
it has several kind, also if I got new idea of design, I’m gonna put new service so it’s getting more and mroe. if you can find something you like, I would be so happy.

Following is the kind of portraits.
i)   Simple Kawaii Portrait
ii)  Simple Flat Portait
iii) Simple Rough Portrait

*I don’t like describe about the design, so plz check my gallery.

About me

I’ve never learned about design in the school, cos just follow my passion to draw so i did. First of all its just to my friends and family then keep practicing and thinking, its getting concrete design. now finally I can feel i can offer this works.

The skil make me very fun on my life, many clients used my design that I’ve never though about it ex..novel cover design, all workers in the company and poster for Japanese comedian.
So If you can enojoy with my works in you life. I have a meaning my life..

Tokyo Gecko Design : Yusuke